What is Tpumps Instagram Challenge?
#Tpumps has over 40k photos on Instagram! Our fans' creativity never ceases to amaze us. We think it's time we rewarded you for all those great pics. Each week, we'll post a new theme to challenge our fans to capture the most epic Tpumps photo. It might be the perfect colorful cup pic, late night Tpumps run with friends, summer vacation, or the best foodie shoot! If you have a great idea for next weeks theme, submit it to the comments!

How to enter:
  1. Take your pictures! Pics must have a Tpumps Drink and the theme of the week.
  2. Tag us @Tpumps and use Hashtag #InstagramChallenge to enter. Or submit your photo in the comment's section. 
  3. Top photos will win a Free Drink

This week's Tpumps Instagram Challenge: Tpumps and festivals! 
Big festivals are happening all over this week! Cherry blossom festival Saturday in SF (and another in Cupertino next week!), Big Wow comic book in SJ, Star wars celebration and Coachella only a short drive from Pasadena, Cesar Chavez Day Parade Sunday in SF, farmers market and library book sale in Burlingame, and Off the Grid Food Trucks in Foster city on Wednesday night. Contest starts Friday and ends Thursday night. Grab your fav Tpumps before you head out on your festival adventure and snap some pic for your chance to win! Photos will be rated by Likes; winners will we announced nest week. 


The globe trotting columnists of The Culture Trip, dedicated to the best of art,food, culture and travel for every country, has singled out Tpumps as their number one choice for boba in the bay area! With so much competition in the bay, we're stoked to make their top five list!
We already know that a lot of you celebrate #TpumpsTuesday. For those of you who don't, let us tell you what you've been missing out on!  Somewhere over the last year, little groups of friends would march in on slow Tuesday afternoons and treat themselves to a #Tpumps and a stroll down the avenue. This perfect, simple hang out ritual brought friends together and got the gang charged to take on the rest of the week. We want you in on the tradition! Grab your friends and come out a for #TpumpsTuesday. Make your week awesome with Tpumps and keep your eyes out for our next promo announcement. Next #TpumpsTuesday we'll have a special upgrade for you! 

What do Tpumps and Prom have in common? You'd be surprised! With so much on the line to create that prefect memory, it's not just about the right dress, or matching cummerbund, it's about making epic proposal. Why have, "Will you go to Prom with me"? just be a question when it can be a unique surprise.
Tpumps' creative fans have been making us a part of their prom proposals and big days for years now. One fan hid an engagement ring in the bottom of one of our boba drinks! 
So get creative fans; let Tpumps help you win over your big date. Why bring flowers when you can bring peach mango passion GMT? Ask our cashier to write a special surprise message on your cup! Or come in before the dance and grab you and your friends' favorite drinks before the Party! Snap some pics of your prefect dress and you prefect drink and share your awesome night @Tpumps 
Have fun out there Fans! 
Tpumps Pasadena made the News in a Colorado Boulevard Article!
Pasadena, you guys have been so welcoming! We love our new So Cal home and our amazing new Pasadena Fans! Every time we find another #Tpumps Pic with your fav drink and our green and orange sign, we're so excited. At first, we were a bit nervous about making the jump down south, but judging by the press, the verdict is in! You like us, you really like us! <3 
PictureRead the full article here
Audrey Magazine is an award-winning national publication covering the Asian experience, as seen from the perspective of Asian American women. The stories in Audrey help our readers navigate their identity, relate to other Asians, and feel connected to a community.
Last week, Audrey Magazine Voted for their Top five Boba cafes and Tpumps made the list! We take a lot of pride in our boba. When people find us and and vote for as and one of their favorites, we know we're on the right track! Thanks for recommending us Audrey Magazine! 


Get Directions to the new Tpumps!
Located at 985 E Hillsdale Blvd, Foster City CA 94404
Hours Sun-Thur 11:00am to 9:45pm Fri-Sat 11:00 am to 10:45pm

Foster City, CA is a beautiful city! We are super excited to get to open up our newest Tpupms here. Here are a few pic's of what there is to look forward to with the new #TpumpsFosterCity !
Thank you to everyone, original Tpumps fans, new fans, current and past employees, who came out to say goodbye to our original Tpumps San Mateo, Ca location. Our memories banner, filled with all of your great messages, is now hanging in our home office! 

Thanks for all the memories Tpumps OG Fans! As of March 30, 2015, our Flagship original location, Tpumps San Mateo, will be permanently closed. The San Mateo Times wrote a great article about our leaving and our future plans. For those of you left wondering why we'd choose to leave our original home, honestly, there were a lot of reason. Mostly because we out grew the space. We've used what we've learned from our san mateo location and made improvements to ever new tpumps as we've progressed.  Our soon to open, #TpumpsFosterCity, is going to be the best of everything we've learned so far. We can't wait for you to be able to check it out. If you've any lingering questions or great memories about our San Mateo location, please leave a comment! 


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