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How We Brew Our Tea

At Tpumps, we use loose leaf teas to brew all of our high quality teas. We brew our tea fresh daily - controlling the time and temperature to ensure the freshest, best quality tea experience for our Tpumps fans.

Our Signature Teas
Black Tea

Tpumps has selected a heavy roasted, bold, rich Black Tea that is higher in caffeine than our Jasmine Green Tea. Our Black Tea is unlike any other black teas in tea bags, which tend to have a dry aftertaste and require milk to balance the tartness. 

Green Tea

Tpumps uses a jasmine green tea that is lightly roasted and has a prominent jasmine flower aroma.

It is high in caffeine and leaves a nice, natural sweet aftertaste.

Non-Caffeinated Tea

Tpumps also offers non-caffeinated

Chrysanthemum Tea for those who do not need extra caffeine, but still love to enjoy the Tpumps option of mixing and matching flavors.

Our Premium Teas
Oolong Tea

With a fresh and leafy taste, this tea is lightly roasted with a mild, buttery, and nutty flavor.  It is high in caffeine, and leaves you with a pleasant, natural, and sweet aftertaste.

Ti Kwan Yin Tea

Heavy roast green tea that is low in caffeine and has a rich, toasted, honey glazed, sweet aroma, similar to creme brulee.  It has a significantly darker color compared to our Oolong Tea and is very smooth with a slightly sweet aftertaste.

Pu-Erh Tea

Heavy roasted black tea - the darkest in color compared to our other signature teas.  It is very low in caffeine and has a vintage aroma and taste.  Pu-Erh Tea is a microbially fermented tea with a long storage life, similar to red wine. 

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